Friday, June 15, 2012


Let's continue the discussion....

Welcome to the Students Forum of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness!

We've often found ourselves at the end of talks and poster sessions wishing there were just a little bit more time. We may be standing on line for the microphone during Q&A, or speakers have some extra slides they'd like to show, or there is an obscure reference that we'd like to bring up -- if only we could remember it. For whatever reason, we want to continue the discussion beyond the exigencies of the moment.

This virtual venue allows for threads of conversation to continue beyond the time and place constraints of the physical meeting. It contains a set of online commentary pages, one for each tutorial, symposium talk, and keynote lecture in the ASSC conference program. Speakers and presenters are welcome to link to background reading or followup material; we encourage attendees to post their impressions, summaries, and questions. Some talks will have synopses written by student members to help spark the discussion. Some talks may even be recorded and embedded as videos.

The forum is brought to you by the ASSC student committee, but we encourage participation from all ASSC members - students and senior members alike. Interested members of the public who have not yet joined the ASSC (what are you waiting for?) are also invited to participate in the discussion. We intend for this forum to become a place of vigorous discussion and debate (backed up by references, please!) and to become a living archive of our annual meeting.

You can get started by going to the schedule of talks. Clicking on any of the talks will bring you to its discussion page.  

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