Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Concurrent sessions 3.3: Self, agency, and hypnosis

Wednesday, July 4 2012 11:00-13:00 @ Pavilion

Concurrent session 3.3: Self, agency, and hypnosis

Athena Demertzi, "Increased fMRI Resting State Network Functional Connectivity in Hypnotic State."

Michael Lifshitz, "Using Suggestion to Gain Control Over Increasingly Automatic Processes."

Pedro De Saldanha da Gama, "Placebo-Suggestion Modulates Conflict Adaptation in the Stroop Task."

Helene Gaucho, "Zombies, Ouija, and the Ideomotor Effect: When Implicit Cognition Turns Explicit."

Max Seeger, "Authorship of Thoughts in Thought Insertion."

Georgina Torbet, "Disturbances of Agency in Schizophrenia."

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