Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Student Spotlight: Your ASSC Student Committee!

For this Student Spotlight, we have a quintuple-feature! We'll be introducing the student members of your ASSC Student Committee.

Kingson Man (chair, 2012-2013)

I am a neuroscience doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California, mentored by Antonio Damasio. I study multisensory integration and how the different sensory modalities are bound together to generate our unified conscious experience. I feel most happy when I'm up in the mountains.

This is me on Google Plus:

Fauve Lybaert

I am a PhD-candidate in philosophy at the University of Leuven, Belgium. I am writing a dissertation on what the role of the formal self could be in the constitution of personal identity. I define the formal self as the self to which we refer (correctly), but which we do not first identify. Thus, it does not seem to be tied to any specific psychological or physical characteristics.

I love travelling and meeting interesting, inspiring people. I currently look into going through Mexico to arrive at the San Diego conference. I very much enjoy the arts. I have been involved in theater as an actress, reviewer and won several awards for writing and directing. The last years I turned towards dance as my main artistic outlet and got addicted to Argentinean tango.  I always study some language, currently Turkish. I am deeply concerned about human and animal suffering, try to give voice to the unheard (such as the Kurds in Turkey), am a vegetarian and wanna-be vegan. I am currently debating whether or not to trade academia for strategy consulting. I would greatly miss teaching university students, but think that publishing philosophy papers these days does not have so much impact.

Ting-An Lin

Currently I am a research assistant at Institute of philosophy of mind and cognition, National Yang-Ming University and also a member of Consciousness Research Group. I just completed my undergraduate degree in biology and spent my last year studying philosophy at UC Berkeley as an exchange student. I'm primarily interested in the self, the unity of consciousness, and the relation between them, especially focusing on the split-brain syndrome and dementia.

I enjoy writing, playing music, and engaging in the social movements. In order to inspire the awareness and discussions of public affairs of the department, I established the student newspaper of my department, Xi-bao, and was the editor-in-chief. I played piano and learned to play carillon at Berkeley; I played the incidental music of a Taiwanese movie on the Sather Tower Carillon. I’ve taken part in many social movements: demanding the freedom of assembly, demanding the land justice, against the death penalty, and against media monopoly.

David Zhou

David Zhou is a Master's student in computational biology at Carnegie Mellon University. His current research involves the use of statistical mechanics to investigate mechanisms of loss of consciousness during general anesthesia. Outside academia, he spends his free time biking, writing nonfiction and fiction, and daydreaming about algorithms.

Bradley Monk (2013 local student representative)

I'm currently a doctoral student at UC San Diego, in the Anagnostaras Molecular Cognition Lab. I'm primarily interested in mapping the neural network properties of memory formation, and study this process at the interface between behavior, genetics, and molecular neurobiology. I get excited about neurobiology and computer science.

More info at http://www.bradleymonk.com/about.html

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