Thursday, May 2, 2013

Join the ASSC 17 Journal Club!

There are only two months left before the ASSC 17 meeting! Have you checked the ASSC 17 program and found that you were not so familiar with the topics of keynote lectures or symposium talks? Have you found that you would like to discuss about the debates with someone but couldn't find a companion to do so? 

Let's join the ASSC 17 journal club! This is a space for online study and discussion of selected material in advance of the ASSC 17 meeting. We'll periodically post a selection of material related to the major keynotes and talks featured at the meeting. Here we'll have a chance to get up to speed on several topics to help make the most of our attendance at the ASSC meeting.

We will begin the journal club by the recent debate on the Information Integration Theory of consciousness (IIT) between Giulio Tononi, Christof Koch, and John Searle. In order to get well-prepared before attending to this not-to-be-missed Roundtable, please don't be hesitate to join us and post your comments! (Join the first journal club now!)

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