Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Concurrent sessions 2.1: Implicit learning and perception

Tuesday, July 3 2012 16:30-18:30 @ Dome Theatre

Concurrent session 2.1: Implicit learning and perception

Sid Kouider, "The ‘Sublink’ Effect: Inducing An Attention Blink From Subliminal Stimuli."

Eva Van den Bussche, "The Evolution Of Masked Priming Effects Using The Incremental Priming Technique."

Anne Atas, "Subliminal Sequence Learning In Peripheral Vision."

Qiufang Fu, "Cultural Differences In Implicit Sequence Learning."

Claire Sergent, "Retro-Attention: Triggering Conscious Perception After The Stimulus Is Gone."

Ryota Kanai, "Stimulus Size Has Opposite Impacts On The Speed Of Unconscious Processing And The Timing Of Conscious Perception."

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