Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Concurrent sessions 2.2: Prediction, expectation, and consciousness

Tuesday, July 3 2012 16:30-18:30 @ Corn Exchange

Concurrent session 2.2: Prediction, expectation, and consciousness

Lars Muckli, "Predictive Coding In The Visual Cortex."

Maren Urner, "Pre-Stimulus Activity Predicts Awareness In Visual Extinction."

Anil Seth, "An Interoceptive Predictive Coding Model Of Conscious Presence"

Andreas Lind, "Can We Tell What We Said When We Hear Ourselves Saying Something Else?"

Ron Chrisley, "Making Predictive Coding More Predictive, More Enactive."

Michael Madary, "The Anticipation/Fulfilment Model Of Vision Connects Phenomenology And Cognitive Neuroscience."

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